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Still Feel Small by ChoFrog09 Still Feel Small :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 2 0 Selfies, Dipper! by ChoFrog09 Selfies, Dipper! :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 0 0
Safe Out of Sight - Chapter Eleven
“I was caught unawares…” ~ On the Steps of the Palace: Into the Woods
Chapter Eleven
Hiccup found he had much less time to act than he had anticipated once Toothless had faded from view.  He turned to run back to the heart of the village, primed to resume Regan’s evacuation efforts, but was stopped dead in his tracks.
He could already see the smoke. Approaching flames tinted the cool winter twilight a dusty orange. The square appeared to be mostly deserted for the time being; Hiccup suspected most the villagers chose to remain in their homes, blissfully unaware of the approaching danger.
Hiccup felt like he was drowning. There were lives at stake, lives he knew he could save, but he was sickeningly helpless to stop the fire that burned over the horizon and the army that trailed right behind it. Especially without Toothless; stripped of the Night Fury, he was only a crippled human once again.
His fists clenched at his sides. No, he was more than that. For th
:iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 2 3
Permanence in Motion
Permanence in Motion
Clouds are funny. I mean, they seem to be in the midst of a bit of an identity crisis, right? If you want this one to be a turtle, then it's a turtle. If you change your mind and want it to be a steam engine, then it's a steam engine. They let everyone else project their opinions onto their identity. Though, I suppose there's peace in not quite knowing what you want to be or where you want to go.
Since I had reached a whole new level of absurdity assigning destinies to condensation in the sky, I decidedly turned over onto my stomach to face my book. The pages were easier to look at than the sky; they knew exactly what they wanted to say and where they were headed. No uncertainty, no flexibility, just facts. I admired their assuredness as I flipped the page, twirling my fingers in the grass.
"So this is where you've been hiding all day."
I started as a shadow fell over the page. Scrambling to sit up, I snapped the novel shut, losing my page in the process.
"Hey, Con
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Lamppost II by ChoFrog09 Lamppost II :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 3 0 Geometry III by ChoFrog09 Geometry III :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 0 0 Memorial by ChoFrog09 Memorial :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 1 1 Still Breathing by ChoFrog09 Still Breathing :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 1 0 Lamppost by ChoFrog09 Lamppost :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 3 0
Safe Out of Sight - Chapter Ten
"Why not stay and be caught? You think, well, it's a thought. What would be his response?" On the Steps of the Palace: Into the Woods
Chapter 10
Mogadon couldn't remember the last time the night had been so perfect for sailing. Though the biting cold of winter had definitely established itself in the frigid sea air, the water was calm and the wind was steady, helping rather than hindering their progress toward the mainland. The night was clear as well without even the slightest hint of approaching fog; not long ago the men were cheering at their first sight of the mainland in the distance as they approached the northern coast of Ireland. Their ultimate goal, however, waited further south.
The Meathead fleet continued on past northern Uí Néill and crept along the coast, cutting silently through the water and invisible from the shore. Judging by their current progress, they would moor in Linn Dúachaill by next daybreak. Those farmers wouldn't know what hit them. Ther
:iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 0 2
A Little Holiday Music... by ChoFrog09 A Little Holiday Music... :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 4 3
Safe Out of Sight - Chapter Nine
"This is more than just malice. Better stop and take stock while you're standing here stuck on the steps of the palace." ~ On the Steps of the Palace: Into the Woods
Chapter 9
The Meathead village eerily echoed the current emptiness of Berk. As the Hooligan teens approached the south island, Astrid couldn't help but notice the distinct lack of longboats at the docks. The village square was nearly empty, left in disarray by a tribe who apparently had somewhere very important to be at very short notice.
"Wow," Astrid breathed. "It's like a ghost town."
"A ghost town?" Tuffnut asked, from where he sat lounging on the neck of the twins' Zippleback. "So like…with real ghosts and stuff?"
Astrid rolled her eyes, barely tempting to grace Tuffnut's comment with a response.
"Not really, it's more of an expression," Fishlegs answered him. The correction went into Tuffnut's ear and directly out the other.
"Ah man, I hope we see some. Maybe they like to break things…"
Astrid allowed S
:iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 0 2
Safe Out of Sight - Chapter Eight
"He spread pitch on the stairs. I was caught unawares. And I thought, 'Well, he cares…'" ~ On the Steps of the Palace: Into the Woods
Chapter 8
"Sounds like a mess."
Hiccup snorted and nodded in agreement, finding the general consensus that his life summed up to a mess lately strangely comforting. Regan leaned back from where she sat at her workbench, eyes wide, soaking in the story she had just heard. Hiccup turned from his work as well to tentatively observe her reaction. To his relief, her expression held none of the skepticism he had become accustomed to seeing from her. He could see the thoughts flying wildly behind her eyes, trying desperately to make sense of everything this stranger had told her.
"That's...that's really something," she finally said. "Really, Hiccup. Standing up for yourself like that, and against your own people? Takes guts."
Hiccup allowed himself to crack a smile; her ability to respect his actions for what they were without instantly ido
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Let the Sun Shine Through by ChoFrog09 Let the Sun Shine Through :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 9 3 Bloom by ChoFrog09 Bloom :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 1 1 Purples II by ChoFrog09 Purples II :iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 4 1
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Me? In a contest?

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 12:17 PM

Hi all! My photo Still Feel Small II...

Still Feel Small II by ChoFrog09

Has been chosen as a finalist in Sweet Photography's theme contest! ^.^ I was very excited, of course, and I'd love your support if you have a moment to vote for me! You can do so here:…

Thank you! ^.^

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